What I Learned from Blogtober

Admittedly I’m having difficulty looking back now, because I’m so excited for Christmas I just want the time to keep easing forward! Luckily during Blogtober I had already realised I have quite a few skills to better. Although I did not manage the whole 31 posts, I’m not going to mark myself a failure for that reason.

By far the most important thing I missed was all the preparation. I had a list of post ideas which almost reached thirty-one and assumed this would be enough. Unfortunately as I started I could see how things didn’t flow well or fit the portfolio of content I’m trying to create. There were also headings I ultimately decided I wasn’t ready for, or didn’t feel like, when writing it down.

I never imagined either, that I would be so busy. Some busy, yes, but not all that happened in October. Controllable or not, my anticipation for any arising problems was lacking. Any issue surrounding Wi-Fi, other commitments, stress, time, general procrastinating… ALL went over my head.

Scheduling is a little blessing I definitely could have made better use of!

As far as blogging goes, I’d say I’m someone who puts the least amount of effort in, and I think Blogtober definitely showed that. My first four posts I was pretty proud of (still am), and I was having fun producing that level of quality – but I can’t deny that’s hard work, especially considering my lack of prep. On the other hand, it has made me want to enhance the quality of my posts and sort myself a pattern. I want to work harder at this for many reasons.

I think the best part of Blogtober is that I found out the kind of writer I want to be. Of course, the simple answer is novelist / fictional horror and that will always be the very true case, but I also want to be the kind of writer who can inspire. When I’m struggling with life I sometimes don’t know where to turn. More increasingly it’s becoming the online community, whether I’m escaping or looking for reality…

Anyway, now that’s over I can reiterate juST HOW EXCITED I AM FOR WINTER AND CHRISTMAS AND ALL THE HOLIDAY TIME I SAVED FOR THIS! I can’t tell you exactly what the rest of this years blog posts will be about (please make any suggestions), but I know I want them to be cosyyy.

I wonder if you’re as excited as me yet?


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