Little Ways Reading can Change you

One of my worst habits as a writer is that I don’t do enough reading. At the beginning of October (or there about) I set out to change this. What’s the saying about lifestyle being made of habit? It was something of a journey to support that!


Since then I’ve managed to read almost every day. I made a mental note of some books I wanted to try, which helped, and even started a ‘Booktube’ channel for further encouragement. I uploaded an introductory video here and then my first review on James Herbert’s Moon my previous post. It was OK and definitely fun, so I plan to do more soon.

I’m currently reading Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King (somewhere in Chapter 3). You may see a theme – but luckily it seems other people love, or at least have interest in horror, as much as I do!

I mentioned reading right before sleeping has changed the way I wake up in the morning. It’s kind of odd, how a book is just as exciting (let’s be honest, more exciting) than scrolling through my phone, yet it’s so much more effective at switching the brain off. I know, I know – screens and brains and science. But I like being able to feel the effect rather than just hear the fact.



Generally I’m now waking up properly, rather than groggy. It’s not a miracle worker that makes me want to get up and seize a 9-5 stack of papers and burn my eyes with a screen too bright. But hey, at least I have something to look forward to each day.

While reading I’ve also become a lot more in tune to my own writing. Going through Moon I realised I just didn’t have the prowess Herbert has to build tension and form a consecutive storyline. This resulted in me reworking the first four parts of my novel tirelessly – and that’s a good thing. Reading has reminded me why I want to write. Now I’m just writing instead of letting procrastination and doubt distract me.

There’s another saying about reading letting you live a thousand lives (and if you are also reading Sleeping Beauties you will be feeling this just as much as I!). It’s true – the more I read the brighter life seems to be. Books are like the glasses to all your minds eyes’.

What is everyone else reading at the moment?



4 thoughts on “Little Ways Reading can Change you

    1. Hey! A lot of the time I read what people recommend to me and people are usually happy to let me borrow their books 🙂 I also have a bad habit of reading the same books over and over so I have what I need already!

      I will nip into bookstores every so often – I don’t tend to pick anything up (which I generally regret tbh!) and I’m trying to change that! When I do buy it’s because a book stood out to me and didn’t disappoint when I read the blurb.

      I know online shopping is convenient for people but I prefer not to shop on sites such as Amazon as they really undercut prices and take a lot of business away from retailers.

      Thank you for commenting! I may create a video on this topic because it’s interesting to think about 🙂 xx


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