Turning 21


As I’m writing this, it’s been almost a week since my birthday, and I’m starting to feel a little ‘upload pressure’.

Last year I wrote a post called What My Teenage Years Have Taught Me and it’s still one of my personal favourites to the day. Of course, as December came rolling around again, I wanted to write about – arguably – a more important birthday. It only happens once, so I was excited to find out what made this a special time for so many.

In all honesty, I’m not surprised to say it doesn’t feel too different. If I can tap into just one slight change: its that I’m more assured. When I make decisions I don’t lack the confidence I used to, and more importantly I’m now busy busy busy trying to build the dreams I had so tightly locked in my head.

Life’s not a race but that won’t stop me running with it.

That’s also why I’ve been too busy to post any other time this week, and why this post was supposed to be up yesterday instead of a video! All the pictures you can see are how I celebrated my 21st. There was a trip to London, the carvery I wrote about in a previous post, the most beautiful cake.


I’ve had a really fabulous time. Couldn’t have asked for better.

But I’m decisively being selfish too: I’ve been working on something I hope to finish by the end of the year. That has sacrificed precious blogging time (which I’ve already planned to talk about early next year – haha!). So just to say, I know I’m not around often at the moment, but I am here. And I will be blogging regularly again soon! Also sorry to be all mysterious recently!

Part of me is really sad I’ve missed out on all the Christmas content – in fact I only just finished putting some decs up:

They make me so happyyyyy! Tell me, what are your plans for Christmas?


6 thoughts on “Turning 21

  1. Happy belated Birthday! 🎂🎆🎆You and your Christmas tree are both looking lovely 💖 And don’t worry, you don’t have to apologise for not uploading – we all have busy times when we just can’t manage to do it as often as we’d like to (including me at present haha) ^^

    I’m not going home for Christmas this year but I have a couple of festive dinners with friends planned here in Edinburgh and I’m actually really excited about it!

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