What’s up, 2018?

Hey! At first I was going to put all this information in a video, but instead I thought it would be nice to sit and write it out. To start 2018, I wanted to talk through how blogging was going to work for me this year.

(However, I did still make a video on my 2017 highlights because I just got a new editor and was excited to try it out! You can view that here if you wish.)

During the end of last year I wasn’t posting on a schedule, which could be a little stressful. Sometimes I didn’t feel I was posting enough, or it was difficult to know what people wanted because I couldn’t keep up with the comments etc… I’m also aware it’s not a very good tactic for growth, but in the end I felt the quality of my posts improved, so I would like to continue posting randomly for now. My only aim is to have two or three posts up a week, including the Sunday Booktube and other series I’m finalising ideas for.

2018 is going to be an odd year for me – it could go either way, good or bad! So much so, I can’t even see the forest for the trees at the current time. Hopefully I’ll be able to clarify more things later in the year as I hate the whole ‘mysterious blogger’ act I have going on. Of course I’m never going to put everything on the internet, but I do like to get personal with you all. Myself is the most unique thing I have to offer, right?

This post is slowly becoming a jumble of broken thoughts, I’m aware… Mostly I’m looking forward to this being a fabulous year , with my mind on accomplishing a few milestones. We shall see together.

As always, thank you for your past, present and future support! I sure do love you guys an awful lot ❤


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