Forested Mind | Poem


While 2018 social media has started with a bang, I have been slightly reluctant to join in. In all honesty, the recent events have really put me off being on them at all and as somebody who absolutely adores social media, that’s really hard for me to admit. But after just reading a news article from “traditional media” about it, I realise we need to keep pushing the good stuff. Ignore the 1% and yellow journalists.

Anyway, I’ve been releasing my negativity into poetry which is not unusual for me. My favourite thing about poetry, is the way it gets things off your chest without actually having to say them. Like revealing a secret without telling anyone what it is. And I’m happy, in that sense, 2018 has started OK.

Instead of failing to ignore what’s been happening, I decided to confront it. I wrote a poem about a forest, due to this being the main thing I couldn’t shake off. I tried to imagine how those people felt, walking in and knowing… At first I thought it would be a deeply meaningful poem, but as I was writing it became short and vague. Perhaps because this is the limit most people can comprehend about suicide. Unless you go through something like that, I can understand why you don’t.

If you’d like to give it a listen, go here – I really appreciate it.


I’m not sure if anyone would enjoy reading more posts like these, where I explain the inspiration for my writing? Especially, as this one is pretty down beat! (But I can’t imagine there’d be anything worse than this). Sometimes these things can be a bit touch and go, so I’m grateful when I get comments telling me what you think.


I hope everyone’s had a good start to the year. I’ll be back with some more fun stuff soon – Need to try and get in some more good stuff to make up for last weeks absence!


4 thoughts on “Forested Mind | Poem

  1. These are very hard times and the Bible speaks of them in The Book of Revelation and the Olivet Discourse. Listening to Handel’s Messiah helps. I will now go to listen to your poem, your writing is excellent.


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