Marzia | Creator Admirations

This year I have decided to do a monthly series of ‘Creator Admirations’, after being inspired by Marzia’s Life, and the loving comments on her recent post Starting Off. Naturally, that’s why the series will be starting here! I thought it would be interesting to share the creators who inspire me, and perhaps you have heard of before, but may not have tried.


Marzia’s videos give me the exact feeling I want when watching YouTube. After two years of consistent viewing, I have never been disappointed and I’m still amazed at her ability to make the simplest of topics into the most interesting videos. She’s always to the point, which I respect greatly. Too often I see other creators make the same point over and over without adding anything, which is really off-putting when you see the video length. But Marzia’s editing is something to be envied! She has a real skill at knowing what I want to see and for how long. Even in the broad topics of fashion, travel, DIYs and pets, her regular content always holds a sense of individuality and originality. I was also pleasantly surprised to find her blog a few months ago, and haven’t missed a post since. The relaxed style inspires me to have more fun with my own blog, while still being creative and have quality.

If you are looking for someone to follow like a ‘big-sister’, I couldn’t recommend Marzia enough!



I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to more! What creators have you discovered, that you think I will like? ^_^



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