Getting the Blogging mojo Back


Saying I’m going to get back my blogging mojo is slightly easier than actually doing it: Even being really passionate about our hobbies, and having to admit, being away from them only makes us sad. I’ve noticed the theme of demotivation sweeping across the Blogosphere since New Year passed. Once February hit, I became determined to escape the creative rut. As I’m taking my first steps to making 2018 a productive one, I thought I would invite you along for the journey. Here’s some of the small things I can do to help me feel more motivated:


Be Ready to Blog.  When I feel prepared to blog, I feel more confident in my content. Whether that’s primping for photos or researching posts. Inspiration can hit at any time and it’s best to seize opportunities when the motivation comes hard and sudden.

Decide what content is most important to you – then plan ahead to make it happen   Sometimes we have ideas that seem out of reach. If it’s important to you, then you may have to plan other ways of making them happen. Following trends may make you more popular, but that won’t keep you interested. Not all great projects happen in an instance. Choose content you truly love, and waste no time.

Keep in Touch with the Community  One of the best things about blogging is meeting other like-minded people. Keeping in touch with the community is highly motivating and everyone understands what you’re going through. Partnering on posts, or even just brainstorming together, can bring new leashes of inspiration.

Remember what it’s Worth   Not everyone blogs for the same reasons. When stuck on how to continue it’s positive to remind yourself why you started. If the priority is no longer in place, there is no shame in putting the blog aside for a while. Otherwise stress can be interfering and maximise the issue. However, if blogging means a lot to you, know it will come back naturally. Remember, it is supposed to be fun.


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