Bookshops and Coffee

This month we had Valentines, so I was inspired to talk about two of my favourite loves. As you can tell from the title, it’s Bookshops and Coffee. Coincidently, both go together well too!

A love of coffee is difficult to explain. When I hear people say ‘nobody really likes it, they just get used to the taste’, I feel a little bitter. There’s so many variations of the beverage, you’d think everyone can find something to be excited for. A warm cup of comfort, soothing an early morning or difficult day. Anyway, coffee is not just a drink anymore. My generation seems to be a whole lot more invested in café culture than our predecessors. Coffee shops can consist of relaxing and work-place vibes at the same time, and whichever we choose. An easy way to meet with people in the middle. Whether for a long chat or silent people watching, how could these nooks not have my heart?

Bookshops are hands down important. Although I don’t visit them often, I know they’re always there when I need them. With the wonderful smell of pages, the careful curated stacks of admirable authors. There’s never pressure in a bookshop – not like other branches of retail. No judgement. Everyone just loves reading. Everyone’s just happy the ‘closed’ sign still swings to ‘open’ every morning. A bookshop holds the key to a million different worlds. Bounce with the poetry forms, fly on the imagination, learn the specialists trade. People want to know whether the industry is dying, but it will only be out with the mind.


There’s love in the simplicity of everyday, not just other people. I can rely on Bookshops and Coffee.


7 thoughts on “Bookshops and Coffee

  1. You described my love of bookshops perfectly! So cosy and inviting, I love spending hours perusing all of the books even if I don’t buy any (which is rare!). Cool blog post! I went to a few bookshops last week and I made a blog post about it if you would like to read 😀 ~ Lady Daydream

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  2. I never thought about until now, but you’re right! There is no pressure in a bookshop. No sales staff who start to eye you suspiciously if you’ve been there for an hour and haven’t bought anything. Makes me want to run right out and find a bookshop. And a latte ❤

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