Zoella | Creator Admirations

Welcome to my second Creator Admirations post. If you didn’t see my first one on Marzia, this is a series I’m writing for 2018 all about my favourite creators and why they are my social media role models and inspirations. For February I decided to include Zoella – who needs no introduction I’m sure…



With a realistic approach to social media, Zoe appears to be everyone’s girl next door: But when she finally started to own her incredible achievements a couple of years ago, it was clear she was perfectly-talented and well-deserving. Her 2018 content has made her impossible not to aspire to. Taking her audience on an up close and personal adventure into her working and personal life she proves it takes hard work and dedication to earn your dreams. When I watch her vlogs I feel inspired and refreshed and ready to keep life swinging in my favour. Nothing is too over-the-top with Zoe and I admire how she makes so much happiness out of the simplest things. She is one of the reasons I am not flopped out doing nothing with my weekends but dreaming – I keep pursuing because she stands up for what she believes in and finds a way to make it work.

I also hugely appreciate her passion for blogging and I’m really excited for her website re-launch this summer. I think it’s so kind of her to accept submissions from others and keep a communal feeling when it’s so easy to see people as elitist on social media now.

If you are interested in seeing working hard and playing harder I would definitely recommend Zoella for all your inspirational needs!




I hope you enjoyed this post! As always, leave any recommendations in the comments because I love reading and trying them out. ^_^


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