The February Chapter

February always catches me off guard, being such a short quick month.


Naturally this month has felt like everything was falling from the sky and I had to decide what to catch and what to let fall. To be truthful it has been busy and stressful – two words I do not want to include in another chapter. For most of this year I have felt like my head is just above water and finally the water has consumed me and I’m sinking – a little coldly – but it feels fine. At least now I can stop worrying about the part where I drown and start thinking about how I’m going to resurface – hopefully with my whole body on dry land. It struck me a long time ago that the hardest of days are the ones where we learn the most.

Besides, February wasn’t too bad in other ways: I have been reading the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath for the third time. Although it’s a little solemn, I do love it and it’s been a great source of escapism during my lunch breaks. I’ve almost finished again, so I’m wondering whether to make a video about it? Especially as I have another Plath themed video waiting to go.

I also went out for a meal at Zizzi and it was surprisingly really great. I picked a night where I happened to be exhausted but I shovelled down garlic bread and pizza and really enjoyed allowing myself to switch off. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures. In fact I haven’t taken many pictures in general lately, although I told myself at the beginning of the year there would be more – whoops!

I do love pictures and want to get back on Instagram ASAP!

How is everyone else? ^.^



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2 thoughts on “The February Chapter

  1. :/ sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling busy and stressed…
    here’s to resurfacing soon
    also, i agree–bell jar is a good read & source of escapism!


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