Century Nostalgia

Time is a funny thing, that if I think too deeply about I will start to feel like throwing that kind of responsibility away. You can never really see it, nor catch it’s water through fingers texture. We’re never truly aware of our own mortality and can never know once it’s spent. Yet, I find myself surrounded by people so obsessed, so oppressed believing time is up when actually it just keeps tick, tick, ticking.

I live in this crazy dimension where we simultaneously try to move forward and backwards at the same time. Here I am too, in the middle: Old enough to remember the time before social media, yet young enough for it to feel like natural life.

Nostalgia is starting to become a fashion trend. We desperately – myself included – look back on the 70s, 80s, 90s longing for what appears to be a simpler, better life. Perhaps that is right, but those are not our days and I wonder what we are making of our times. Should we be named the Century Nostalgia?

Currently I fall into a category called ‘millennial’ (which sounds important itself to me). As though we should be moving forward, creating a change. And I have nothing against my age, but I wonder how we’re going to convince anyone else we’re doing the best we can when we ourselves look so wide-eyed and longingly on everything that was.

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