Pyrocynical | Creator Admirations

For this instalment of Creator Admirations, I thought I would share Pyrocynical. Aside from being a genuine recommendation as one of my favourites, often anyone related to the commentary community are given a bit of a ‘bad rep’ and I wanted to share someone I think challenges that.



I can hand on heart say I believe Pyro is one of the best creators creating at the moment. When I subscribed it was ultimately down to his genuine personality and blunt honesty – the video I had just watched was about the Manchester bombings and I got the sense his heart was in making that video; which is completely rare for a lot of content uploaded.

Unlike a lot of creators under the commentary umbrella – who for what it’s worth, are perhaps a little too stereotyped and yet undefined – I get the feeling Pyro is passionate about his videos. His best content includes lengthy episodes exploring videogame dynamics, his opinionated “a series of tubes” and relaxed comedy. Regardless, I love his involvement in the online community and his keenness to keep it open for everybody.

May I also just share one of his recent videos here, A Good Video about Condemned: Criminal Origins. I really enjoyed this video; it’s similar to the Petscop video I shared a while ago, which I know a couple of you found interesting!



If you do take a look at the video, let me know what you think! I’d also be interested to know if you have any favourite bloggers/YouTubers/Twitter ranters etc. who you think break stereotypes in a positive way?


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