Hello, my Twenties!

I only have one reason for being so MIA through April.

Once again, I have become truly and emotionally invested in a TV series. This time it was K-drama ‘Hello My Twenties!’ or ‘Age of Youth’.

The story is set in a share house, where five students live together. At first, it seems that the plot is going to have a coming of age theme – which it still does – but the words I was excited to hear, went something along the line of: “I can see ghosts… and there’s one over there.”

These words are spoken on a drunken night of revealing secrets. Immediately, everyone has somebody different in mind and the mood changes. It’s this moment that takes Hello, My Twenties! to a new level. From this point there is a lot of mystery surrounding the ghost that haunts their home, each believing it must be connected to them and their dark, secretive pasts.

And that’s just season one… I would love to tell you how good season two’s story line is too, but that would ruin the first! Turns out season one was an amazing set up for events in it’s successor. My only disappointment now is that season two ended with questions still left to be answered, whereas season one all tied up and could have ended (although I’m glad it didn’t!).

From what I can find, there are no plans as yet for a season three… But as the show has record views in Korea, I’ve still got my fingers crossed that it is coming.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something fun yet interesting to watch, I definitely recommend this. My favourite character is Ji-Won Song, and although the show has a few dark themes I often find myself laughing at her hilarious statements!

If you do watch, I would love to know what you think – and offer any recommendations you think I would like. I’m in the desperate gap between shoes right now, and dangerously close to watching Rick and Morty for the 5738593 time!

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