Lucy Moon | Creator Admirations

One of my favourite feelings, is when you happen to stumble upon a GEM of a creator with no prior knowledge to their existence. That’s exactly what I had with today’s admiration, Lucy Moon. I can’t quite remember which video I first watched because I subsequently ended up binge watching a lot more…


Although I can’t remember why I first clicked, I certainly stayed for Lucy’s natural and chilled out content. Her blog and videos are a personal and detailed account of figuring out where she stands, and how to pursue your passions – as well as enjoying life’s pleasures of beauty, friends and music. I particularly love the posts where she talks about her job on YouTube / social media. But no matter what the subject, you can rely on her opinion to be honest, realistic and relatable.

It would be unfair of me not to mention, that Lucy posts some BRAVE personal truths. Her openness with the internet is not something that goes unnoticed by viewers and herself alike. Even though admitting she has struggled with knowing how much is too much information, Lucy certainly opens mouths and minds on many different – sometimes controversial – topics, and I love her for that all the more!

Plus, I think her 168 hour videos are genius. So overall, if you want someone to admire for their ability to make the best out of life – Moon’s the one for you.


As always, I’d love to know who your favourite creators are. Leave me a comment with your recommendations, and also what you thought of this post! Does Lucy Moon sound like your sort of creator?


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