The May Chapter

May has seen me do a little travelling for the first time this year. Firstly I went to Brighton – a trusty favourite of mine.

The weather held beautifully. Actually, a lot more beautifully, as we expected thunderstorms and I had only packed light for the one night. Just a pair of jeans that kept me sweltering.

On this occasion the trip was more relaxed: the main ‘feature’ was an evening at Riddle and Finns by the beach. They specialise in sea food and the meals were incredible. I can’t leave out that the staff were also super helpful and lovely regardless of the fact we spent three hours there and very late too.
The next morning we spent time on the beach and in the lanes, and within the next 24 hours, had made a three hour journey home, unpacked, repacked, caught a wink of sleep and headed back out on the road for another two hour journey to the airport. Soon we were headed to Rome.

Of course the last few days were tiring, but as we arrived around mid-day, we went straight out to see the sights. I have just uploaded a short video with them all:

The weather was a humid hot and not something to rush around in. There’s endless things to see but we had picked out the main ones we were excited about so that we could venture more relaxingly. I was amazed by how HUGE everything is! And the statues everywhere are incredible. I had not seen many images before we went so it was a surprise. Although I have a few photos of my own now, they don’t really compare to actually witnessing it. It’s hard to capture Rome’s beauty in a lens.
May was also a month of wondering about the rest of the year. From now I don’t really have any plans so I was trying to figure at least something out – put a little bulb in that dark space. I wanted to travel somewhere, because there are a lot of places I would like to go although deep down I’m a complete homebody. I wanted to reaffirm the excitement of being in a different country.

I also worked a random shift at an independent retail outlet, which got me wondering about things I could create in future. I like the thought of putting my stamp on something physical, as well as uploading to the internet. Aside from books that is. Have any of you had the same thoughts?

Well, that wraps up a very busy May. I hope you are all enjoying the start of summer. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments ^_^

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