GRWM & Sylvia Plath

Does anyone else ever have an idea that sticks in their head for a long time, but they just don’t do anything with it? And then eventually you feel like you can’t do anything else until you finally put this idea into action? Well, I do and that’s what this post is!

A few months ago I was rereading Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’. It’s one of my favourite novels, and I felt inspired to share the story and also my thoughts on Plath’s writing as a whole. I did in fact, film a short video with this information which I never proceeded to edit or upload, but it went a little something like this:

Mini Review – ‘The Bell Jar’

The Bell Jar is easily one of my favourite novels. If you have read Sylvia Plath’s writing before, you may have already experienced her precise descriptions – it baffles me that she can put her finger on an exact feeling – which makes The Bell Jar oddly relatable. But don’t worry, I don’t think Plath tries to be the sad, mopey poet she can often be made out to be. Instead, I think her running themes of depression represent a fascination with death. It is a universally misunderstood feeling and a concept not quite grasped: Perhaps Plath simply wanted to understand herself.

When I read The Bell Jar it acts as an excellent source of escapism. In a way, Esther Greenwood becomes a little pocket friend that is a constant reminder you are never alone. This is a book I would highly recommend everyone to read – or at least give a go.

Rediscovering my love for this novel, I was inspired to share it on my YouTube channel – and after months of having the idea stuck in my head, I have finally just uploaded this:

Credit where credit’s due, I originally found this video layout on Elaine Howlin’s blog. She had created a get ready with me type of video, but instead of having voiceover or music in the background, she played Christina Rossetti’s ‘The Goblin market’ (watch Elaine’s video here!). As GRWM videos are some of my favourite to watch, I though this was a fabulous idea of how to create one myself while keeping within my blogs “niche” (because apparently that’s something very important).

I hope you enjoy it ^_^

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