The June Chapter

This morning, as I began to think about what I would write for this chapter, I realised I can’t remember doing much in June at all. It’s not necessarily been one way or the other. I’ve been enjoying living in the moment and accepting what comes.


The two hot topics of course, are the hot weather and the football world cup. I am not interested in the latter, aside from knowing whether certain people will be in good or bad moods, but for the first time I am appreciating the heat.

Until now I used to loathe hot climates as I burn to a crisp within moments of being outside and it makes me feel lazy and unproductive. But it seems manageable to me for now and I love being outside.


Actually, one little nugget of the month that made me happy was writing consistently both on and offline. It hasn’t necessarily been easy finding the right words but I’m looking for them in every breath. Unfortunately this week I had to flop something I’ve been working on, which can be frustrating, but at the moment I seem to have the ability to bounce back instead of giving up.

I think this post has been full of ‘buts’, in a good way…


What has everyone been up to?

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