Fear fascinates me. But more so, the fascination with fear fascinates me. I have always loved horror stories and the idea of the unknown, and people will often ask me why. Well, I have no answer to that question yet. I don’t know why I willingly seek out to be scared.

However, I have been working on a collaboration with my fellow writer L. A. Vockins, which explores fear a bit more. Together we set a loose brief, to write fear themed pieces set in a forest. For the collaboration part, I would write from the perspective of having fear, and L.A. would write from the perspective of creating fear.

It has been nice to write in a slightly different style to usual, and as you know I love creating videos – especially these ones. And sharing them is all part of the fun, so here is mine:

Amygdala | Part One

And here are the links to L.A’s:

Video narration

Blog post


We both hope you enjoy!

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