Elitism in Books

Here’s a topic I find really interesting.

About a year ago now I was looking through a box of old books, that were my Nanny’s collection of classic literature. For example, there’s Vanity Fair by W. M. Thackeray or A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

Out of all these books, I haven’t read any of them fully. I told myself I would get through them, but with an extensive list of horror still to be read, I just haven’t picked one to start with. However I often feel as though I should be reading more classics, because they’re… well, classic.

On the opposite end of the scale, I often see young adult books accused of being too simple and over saturated in the market. Some people will even go as far to say YA ‘dumbs people down’.

I find it odd, that we seem to hold this belief that reading one classic means you are better read than someone who has read 100 young adult novels. I also find it utterly ridiculous to think any type of reading can make you less intelligent. Weren’t we worried that books would go extinct not so long ago? Let the people read, I say!

Admittedly, this argument is something I have struggled with before. One of the most recent literary fashions has been the rise of the ‘YouTuber’ book, and at first the concept made me a little uncomfortable. Having wanted to be an author since I was seven, and knowing how hard it has been for many people like me to break into publishing, I felt a little cheated.

Then my favourite youtuber announced she would be releasing a book. All the doubtful feelings left me because I realised how excited and happy I was to think of getting that book in my hands – (it’s called ‘A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life’ by Lindy Tsang and it’s wonderful by the way!). It was a great reminder that books are meant to make people happy and we will all get that from something different. There have been no youtuber books that I know of, that are going to cause harm to the people reading them (but it would be interesting to hear if you know something different). If it’s bringing love to the world I don’t think it can be wrong.

Also, if I flip it on myself and think ‘what if publishing a novel brings a bigger following to my blog’, I realise it’s not a problem at all. Everyone’s free to have a go at publishing, and you have to put the effort in somewhere down the line. The rest is a repercussion of that single moment of hard work.

I think that’s all I wanted to say on this topic, but I would love for the discussion to continue in the comments. Anything I haven’t said or you want to challenge, I would love to hear!

I hope you enjoyed reading and found this post interesting. I’ll be back to talk about books again really soon 💕

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