Ricky Tsang

I am aware that my blog has been unsteady so far this year. I have heard a lot about the “one year blogger” – stats revealing most people can only keep a blog for a year before starting to falter in inspiration, and I have been worried it was happening to me. Thankfully, it seems to have just been a very normal creative lull. BUT, I do have Ricky Tsang to thank for keeping me motivated too…




Ricky is the brother of Bubz/Lindy Tsang who I’ve mentioned a few times before; That’s how I found him – through a very funny video showing ‘The Real Bubzbeauty’. His comedy videos were great and watching them now, very reminiscent of the classic YouTube humour style.

About a year ago I found he was still uploading, but had moved onto vlogging. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it’s not the type of content I would regularly watch, however, it was clear from the moment I started watching that Ricky has a talent for film. His vlogs are a mixture of cinematic beauty and uplifting philosophy. Recently he uploaded a video called Chasing what I love doing. I can’t think of words to say why, but this video really resonated with me and gave me an incredible amount of motivation to make blogging a priority again.

If you’re looking for the most kind and understanding person possible, check out Ricky Tsang’s channel Rikehtube.




Over half way through this series now (planning to do ten altogether!) and I’m happy with everyone I’ve managed to share already. Who’s been your favourite so far?



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