The August Chapter

Suddenly and very much by accident, I found myself completely torn away from my blog. I’ve been taking each day as it comes. But that meant finding the motivation to plan, write, edit, take photos, format and upload a blog post was too much planning for my spontaneity. I’m in a better head space now; blogging will be something I start learning to do properly again.

Regardless of all that, August was a great month for me.


My bedroom has been redecorated and I’ve been slowly finding new places for all my things. I’ve never felt more comfortable with my space. It feels a lot like me now.

It’s so cosy in here: I can’t wait until the weather gets¬†really¬†cold so I can make it warm and settling to come home to. And I have a bunch of candles to light, which don’t necessarily feel like a summer thing to me. This cute basket which I’ve lumped with jumpers is something I can’t wait to dive into. Honestly I’m more of a winter lover than summer. (Plus Christmas right, it won’t be long now!!!)


Just before the weather got gloomier, I went on a weeks trip to East Runton / Cromer and all the surrounding areas. Just me and my mum, we did a lot of reading and dossing about which was fine by me! I uploaded a small vlog of the trip this morning:

I had a lot of fun, and above all was inspired to write fiction, which is a bonus in any situation.

I am sorry to have not blogged more through August. It’s always fun looking back on old posts – seeing what I was up to and how I was feeling. Small things that would usually escape memory. Regardless, I’m feeling very positive about things to come.

What’s everyone else been up to recently? ^_^

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