The Blame Game

Comparison’s a thief and I’m tired of him picking my pockets. And if I didn’t carry around the belief that I must look a certain way to be considered beautiful, he’d have nothing to steal. It’s very easy to blame others for the self-consciousness I feel, but I represent myself everyday. No one else represents me. I’ve got to act in a way I think is synonymous with beauty.

I’m happy to raise my hands and say I am not immune to feeling a bit self-conscious, about a lot of things but particularly about my physical appearance. Day to day I am actually very happy with how I look – or perhaps with time I’ve learnt not to care as much – I love doing myself up and it gives me a sense of confidence unmatched to anything else. But at the same time I know it’s my responsibility to remind myself, on the bad days, that comparing myself to others will only bring me down. I’m the only person who can validate my worth.

At the moment I am on a train, London bound, dressed up for a fun night out. So while I’m thinking about it, I thought I’d come here to remind you too.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’ve got great weekends ahead ^_^

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