IF by Rudyard Kipling

When I listen to this poem it sits well in my heart and allows just a couple of minutes with nothing but thought.

At the same time, we can be everything and nothing – that’s what I believe Kipling is trying to say. I find the words both humbling and motivating. Recently I’ve listened to Tom O’Bedlam’s reading a lot (and actually prefer his to the one I’m sharing here) while I’ve been trying to focus myself on writing.

On my last post, The Blame Game, I expressed some feelings of self-consciousness I’ve been experiencing lately. As making myself up is something I love doing to boost my confidence, I decided I would share the poem through the form of a Get Ready With Me video, such as the one I did for Sylvia Plath. If you don’t like this format, here’s the link to the Tom O’Bedlam reading I listen to:

IF by Rudyard Kipling / Tom O’Bedlam

But I’m very happy with the outcome, so if you do like these videos I hope you enjoy it:


What are your thoughts on IF by Rudyard Kipling?

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