September Chapter 2018

My September has been all about getting back into a routine. I’ve written more in this month than I have written in a very long time – and possibly all year. Not just on my blog, but in my personal writing too. Through notebooks, fiction and journals. In this month I have realised why finding blog content has been more difficult for me this year: My blog is about writing. Writing about writing, ha. Without having committed myself to it fully, my sense of direction has been a little lost.

Now that I’m getting back to the roots of myself, I’m finding more motivation and natural willing to carry out what I love. So I’m hopeful to be posting regularly again.


What else has been going on? Well in all this free time I’ve had to myself I’ve been doing a lot of dancing! I’m not a professional or anything, never ever had a dance lesson, but for some reason I love it. Most evenings I’m dancing around my bedroom which can be a little bit procrastination-y, although a valuable source of exercise. It’s been a long time since I’ve danced so hard and I’ve definitely seen some physicality changes to back that up, so at least it’s something!

One night this month I went out dancing in the city closest to my little home town and had an absolute blast! My girls and I have pulled a lot of fun moments together this month, even staying out until 4am. Usually that would knock me dead for a few days, but it’s completely rejuvenated me. I’m buzzing to be amongst people.


Last weekend I went into London with some family to see ‘Bat out of Hell’ and now I can’t get that album out of my head (so that’s what I’ve been dancing to this week)! The show was amazing and I love the music much more now I have an idea of the story in my head. I hadn’t an idea what the show was about before going in. If you’re wondering too, it’s a kind of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ storyline. I love love, so it’s left me a little dreamy this past week!

London has never been a place I am particularly drawn too, but we had a lovely morning walking around the shops the morning after too. I’m wondering about going back and having a ‘tourist day’ just so I can get to see a wider variety. London doesn’t seem half as huge unless you’re amongst it all!

Last year I celebrated my one year blog anniversary by participating in Blogtober. I’m hoping to do the same again this year, so I’m looking forward to a busy month of blogging. But first, it appears to be happy hour again (and my friends have read my mind!).

Happy Friday everyone! What have you all got planned this weekend? ^_^

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