A new blog design.

Once again we’ve come to the season of change. For a few months I have felt my blog needed a little refresh: although my previous theme was close to what I wanted, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. So if you’re already viewing this on my site you may already notice the changes are quite subtle (and if you’re not, here’s the direct link for you to check it out: hannahmaggie.com).

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that I am now officially HANNAHMAGGIE.com! I wanted to change this for a long time, just to make my blog more personal and also easier to find for people I share the site to offline/who aren’t on wordpress.

Generally my blog just needed a little tidying. I wanted to update the main images so everything was consistent and really easy to find. I also wanted it to be more obvious what my content and personality is. Although I have other online public accounts such as YouTube and Instagram, my blog is where I want everything to come together and be succinct. It’s the platform I love most. It’s the place I am most personal.

With this goal in mind – well you can see for yourself – this is what I came up with. Of course it’s a lot easier for me to view this site as the writer instead of a reader. Naturally I hope you all like it too. (and any feedback is appreciated!)

If you are planning to change your blog design, my first piece of advice would be to take time looking at different themes. WordPress has a vast selection to browse through – the best thing about them is being able to use a ‘live demo’ and see exactly what you’re getting. However, don’t be afraid to look at other blogs too. Go onto your favourites and put a finger on what you like in their design and what you don’t. This will save a little time before you spend hours designing a blog you might like! Plus you may find some inspiration or ideas you hadn’t thought of originally.

My second piece of advice is to love your blog, although this is more than just about designing. I think creating something you love, whether it’s the design or the content, is a great motivator. I know that when I’m putting more effort into my blog, in turn I get more ideas and invested in keeping it alive. After two years of blogging I have come to realise how hard it can be to remain interested, even when it’s your passion. A little change can go a long way.

3 thoughts on “A new blog design.

  1. I can feel your excitement all the way in Lagos, Nigeria. I have changed my blog design twice and your tips are spot on and helpful. Themed images, personalised content, researcjed theme, easy categorisation all really help. Congrats on being closer to what you want!

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