How I handle my Blogtober posts.

I planned to make this post towards the end of Blogtober, but then I decided it would serve as a good introduction to what I’m planning to post and also as inspiration for anyone still trying to start. In a way I think this advice can also apply to any long-term writing project.

Last year was the first time I participated in Blogtober (an event open to everyone, where you make a post everyday during October). My decision to start participating was due to the timing: it happens to coincide with my blogs anniversary. With this in mind I have a loose theme of reflection in a lot of my posts. I love to talk about blogging and my writing and how I feel about the community.

Of course this theme doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s always Halloween and the start of Autumn too. A lot of people can draw on these for inspiration. I know I always appreciate seeing everyone’s recommendations for horror films or books! If you have a particular theme in mind, it gives you something to work towards.

When I first sat down to see if I could think of thirty-one posts, I think I only managed about ten! Although prior planning makes it a lot easier (something I learned the hard way last year) don’t be afraid to rely on your imagination or creativity to help you out as you go: I still have a few posts I will have to “wing” to make the full amount. However I do like to think this will stop anything being too repetitive and I won’t be forcing myself into a strict box with what I’m allowed to post.

My only fear when coming to quantity is losing quality. It’s a dedication to put everything into blogging for one month, so don’t take it too seriously or worry about missing days. Overall, it’s supposed to be fun! Currently I’m staying one post ahead of myself (completing the next days post the day before), because this is enough time for me to be able to write relaxingly. Starting a blog post a couple of hours before wanting to post it makes the whole process very stressful for me; although I’m sure some people could do it, I know I would feel like I was just publishing anything as long as it’s something.

I believe that’s all the best piece of advice I can offer you for now! Of course, if anyone has any questions I’d be happy to answer them in the comments – don’t forget to also let me know if you are participating in Blogtober, because I’d love to look at your posts too.

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