Some things I actually miss about school.

It’s been three years since I went to school. THREE YEARS! *Insert a cliché about time going really fast*

^ Some random things I could find from my school days! ^

Although I still don’t agree with the saying ‘school is the best time of your life’, I will admit now that there are definitely things I miss about school. As I know a lot of you may just be heading begrudgingly back to the classroom, I thought I’d do some reflecting; advise which moments are worth slowing down for.

First and foremost, it has to be the people. Although relationships only depend on the effort you put into them once you leave, you do suddenly realise how much more selfish your time becomes. That’s not a fault of anyone: your time in school is about learning to be independent, so of course that’s what you become afterwards. Still, I’m grateful I met so many lovely people. I sometimes wonder whether I should have been more involved in social activities during school. There’s people I wish I’d spoken to more then when I had the chance. Unfortunately school coincides with that difficult age where you’re not always being a nice person. Honestly, it’s worth being nice to everyone because you don’t know who may pop up again later. I live in a town where it’s very easy to run into people you know, and I love that sense of community. You don’t have to pour your heart out to everyone, but even the light-hearted conversations you have with people in passing are little blessings.

There was a group of us that used to play cards for twenty minutes each day during registration. I genuinely miss that now. Even though it was just a quick competitive game, and none of us particularly interacted with each other at any other point in the day, it was really fun and we would always end up laughing together. I’m pretty sure we all told terrible jokes.

While I don’t necessarily miss my classes too much, I certainly miss learning. During my last year in sixth form I studied English language and literature, media and psychology. They are all subjects I am still passionate about, but don’t necessarily pursue as vigorously as I would have done then. Despite still being involved in English and media through my job and this blog, there’s a lack of challenge that would come pack and parcel with school. Because (eventually) you choose which classes you want to take, you know there’s people around you with the same interest for a subject. It’s very easy to find people to talk to about certain topics without feeling like you’re lecturing or boring them! I miss regular discussion and debate.

Something I completely took for granted was the walking to and from school, and how fit that actually kept me! It’s hard to notice at the time, until you’re suddenly breathless from walking up the stairs. Also the amount of free time. Oh, what I would do with all those hours if I had them now instead of then. Even the ability just to wander around coffee shops with a group of friends on your way home is slightly lost now: although I won’t call it a waste as I was definitely happy at the time…

Wow. I didn’t realise this post was going to be this lengthy.

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