A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a beautiful anime film I discovered on Netflix. Without thinking too much into it, I watched it on a chilled Friday night. And fell in love.

Plot: Haunted by his actions, a boy tries to make things right with a girl he bullied in school. A story of learning to value others’ thoughts.

Anime always astounds me visually. I can’t help but wonder about how long it took to create all the delicate details in the artwork. That must take true passion to accomplish. I struggle to imagine what it would be like, hunched up over the similar frames day in day out.

What I didn’t realise when choosing to watch, is how long the anime actually is: it’s just over two hours long. But I was captivated through all of it! Each character is natural and easy to form an emotional attachment to. The story in fact, is an emotional roller coaster and yes, I cried at the end. If you love a good love story (think: The Notebook), then I think you’d really enjoy it.

It’s been a while since I watched it now, so unfortunately I’m struggling to think of much more to say. Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve never recommended it here before! I just remember being blown away by the beauty of the film and its message.

Perhaps I’ll go watch it again because it’s definitely worth it (and I’ve been craving a good film).

Feel like I only said this a moment ago, but happy weekend again everyone! What films are you looking forward to watching in the chilly season?

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