Sweater Weather

Today the rain has been pouring. Once in a while, it’s a beautiful thing. We’ve reached the best time of the year (now until the end) and I’m feeling very content. The cold weather has also returned: I’ll bet with a vengeance after the lovely summer we had. But that makes me happy. Sweater weather.

Speaking of which, I have a rather large collection of jumpers. Today I have had to give some up, as there’s just not enough room for all the beautiful jumpers of this world to live in my wardrobe. How I get so emotionally attached to inanimate objects I don’t know. Going through my collection has made me excited for the chilly season though.

People always seem to make the extra effort to see each other this time of year too. I mentioned in my September chapter that I have been seeing my friends more regularly and I’m excited for that to continue. I’m sure we’ll find many exciting things to do when the holiday season fully kicks in.

Because for some it’s still too early to mention, I am slightly sorry, but I am also looking forward to Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. I love all the giving. Presents yes, but also the laughter and the time and the memories. Doesn’t the world seem a better place when we’re all in love?

Of course my coffee consumption has jumped too – that’s not a complaint at all! Good ol’ coffee keeping me warm and happy. Already my eyes are growing bigger than my belly thinking of all the confectionary that will start appearing soon. (There’s some stolen to my right, right now, and it’s delicious).

Darkness has crept into the evening once again. Soon it’ll be off-putting and I’ll want to be cooped up inside with Netflix and all the above. Autumn / Winter will always be my favourite season – what’s yours? Are you looking forward to the rest of the year, or just holding out for summer again?

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