For a while I have been trying to instigate a pattern, where I do all my personal (off-blog) writing at some point on a Sunday. I’m able to be more relaxed about writing this way and spend a day just enjoying it. Of course I enjoy blogging too, but it’s the pressure that has been removed for a day. Also the guilt for not keeping up with other writing projects. Before I just fit it in when I felt like it and that made me feel like I wasn’t being productive enough.

I thought during Blogtober, it would be nice to track how this writing was going.

Well, this is the first Sunday in a while that it didn’t happen! Oops.


Instead I spent a day completely chilled, strolling around the shops and drinking coffee. Admittedly I was very happy wading through the crisp air. I bought a new pair of jeans and ate my first mince pie of the holiday. I don’t have any revelations in writing to reveal for now. Although, I can vouch for the wonder of a break. I’m very conscious about burning myself out through Blogtober, so taking time away from the computer was very much appreciated!

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