Choose Kindness

Kindness will sometimes be difficult to give. It is a process of learning, to force your mind to stop when it urges for you to collapse into rage or hurt or panic – how to choose kindness. When I am asked, I must honestly answer that I can be kind because I know how it feels to hurt. I hate the thought of hurting others the way I know I can hurt. Even when it’s difficult.

If you confuse kindness with weakness, then remember: People don’t need others to teach them how to hurt because we hurt ourselves the most. Nobody can hurt me more than I can hurt myself. And we don’t get a break from our own judgement. When we hurt other people, we only validate the negative thoughts they have already had themselves.

Hurt people hurt others.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

And if it’s not love, then it’s war that brings us together.

Just a reminder, in respect of mental health awareness day. If we continue to validate the negative thoughts of each other, we will validate the idea that help is not available when we need it. Let’s end that stigma together. Too many people are trapped in their own minds and left to suffer alone. Choose kindness: the love that will drive out the hate.

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