My YouTube Channel

Since the age of twelve I’ve had a huge passion for the internet and it’s content creators. I’m not sure why I’d never thought about contributing my own content until the age of eighteen. Perhaps it’s because the internet has introduced me to some of my biggest inspirations and I could never imagine being in their shoes – being so damn cool.

YouTube attracted me the most. Creating videos has always been a modest interest of mine. It’s not something I’ve naturally been gifted with, but I have a huge urge to be better each time I create. Watching YouTube and studying media all the way through school affirmed my interest in video. Although knowing what to make has always been trouble: finding a balance between something I’m interested in, worth sharing and within my ability to create.

I found Booktube just under a year ago now and was stunned. For one, why had I never thought videos about books could be a thing?! And how come I hadn’t discovered this corner of YouTube before?!

Anyway, finding a community I could passionately contribute to, it didn’t take me too long before I started making booktube style videos too. That’s right, it’s almost been a year since I started uploading to YouTube. Admittedly, sporadically. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have much to show for it either, but damn do I love making videos.

This is one of those posts I’ve written mostly for myself. Recently I’ve been questioning how I can grow my channel just a little more. At the same time I kind of don’t care about my following over there. As I said: I just love making videos. Writing my thoughts down helps me suss what I really want to do – sorry if this is just a long messy ramble to all of you!

My focus for video content is books, narration of my own writing and general vlogging. My favourite thing about making videos is the memories they hold. Even before uploading to YouTube, I would make videos for my family so we can remember our holidays and Christmases etc… I think as long as I remember why I love making videos then it will all be OK.


If you’re interested in looking at my channel then you can find it here. Any feedback is and all subs are greatly appreciated. Realise I mostly only scratch the surface of quality!

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