A couple of weeks ago I had another one of those moments where I stumble across something really beautiful and worth sharing unexpectedly. You may be remember me talking about A Silent Voice only recently. Well, as I went to find that film I came across this: Erased.

Erased is about a man who can change the past. A technique he calls ‘revival’. Usually he will only go back a few minutes, but a sudden event suddenly throws him back eighteen years. Time is running out to change the future, but he can only succeed by remembering the long forgotten past he finds himself in.

Immediately the plot drew me in. I hope I’ve managed to explain it clearly enough without revealing too much! The concept reminds me a lot of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ which is one of my favourite films ever. I thought the story was really well laid out and the characters were so loveable. Of course there is an element of mystery, but I didn’t find it a typical plot at all. The answers weren’t obvious. The story was intriguing even down to the very end. I found myself very invested with the main character and his friends.

As I usually find with stories about friendship, it was completely heart warming. Have any of you seen this little gem? I’d love to know what you think.

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