The October 2018 Chapter

Happy Halloween! To be honest, I’m not particularly bothered about this holiday BUT I do love any excuse to relish in the horror genre. So that’s what I have been doing this month. Have any of you been celebrating today?

I happened to stumble on a brand new book club emerging on Instagram called ‘Sick Chic Lit’. I’ve never been a part of a book club before, but it’s something I was coincidentally thinking about. As it was just starting I thought it would be really exciting to learn how it worked along with the other members. This month we read the ‘Haunting of Hill House’ by Shirley Jackson. Knowing I was expected to give my opinion made the reading experience a little different. Usually my memory isn’t so great, but it was fun for me picking apart my feelings while reading. More analytical, which is something I’ve been missing. This week we have all been discussing the book via Instagram. It’s been really fun and the involvement has started nicely. If you’ve been looking for an online book club, you should come join us!

Of course for a large portion of the month I’ve been participating in Blogtober, which for me was about ensuring I write on my blog everyday. This was achieved even though there wasn’t always an upload to show for it. I’m happy with the content I’ve created although there’s definitely more I could have written about. Now I’ve made the habit of creating regularly I’m feeling encouraged to do more. This has also been helped a lot by a podcast I just started listening to called ‘Camp Cast’. James and Alex who host have really helped me feel more inspired, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Anytime I haven’t been creating, I’ve been trying to stay connected with things that inspire me such as ‘Camp Cast’ and reading.

With so much energy I’ve been grasping to other outlets outside of my blog. One is my novel which I’ve spoken a little about recently. The other is videos. I desperately feel an urge to create a lot of videos. At the moment these two things are slightly distracting me from blog writing. I’m aware this is reading as a bit of a list rather than a coherent piece! It would do me good to find my blogging voice again, instead of this rambling.

I was pondering earlier about the quick change in seasons this year. One moment we were amongst a heatwave. The next I’m reminding myself to leave five minutes earlier to defrost my car. There doesn’t appear to have been an Autumn as such. I’m sure tomorrow the end of the year will really begin to loom. Won’t we have fireworks soon? But Halloween is only just here! What a strange year it’s been.

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