A lot to be grateful for.

Finally the first of December and my Christmas decorations are straight out. It may sound dramatic, but this is really what I make it through each year for. For all the commercialism it brings, I really do believe this is the best time of year. Over the next month the whole world will be in love. Families and friends will reunite. We will be more giving without giving more thought to it. Our best efforts will be placed into making our surroundings beautiful, our hearts large, our laughter wide.

It’s always at this time of year I find it very easy to count my blessings. And I have plenty to be thankful for this year.

First is my job. I guess my 9 to 5 and I finally clicked. I can honestly say I love being at work, especially with my colleagues. We’ve had an amazing work year, which ironically has been a little bit of a saviour from everyone’s personal lives. Our office has become a hub for ‘getting stuff off your chest’. But I don’t look upon any of that in a bad light. In fact I feel a great sense of care towards every part of my job and that’s what really makes my heart sing. I love that I can be passionate there. We’re an oddly close knit family.

Books and music are two wonderful blessings I’m happy the world can never take away from me. Books have once again become an integral part of my daily life this year. If I’m not reading a book I don’t feel whole. And music is just an incredible thing. I’m not sure there’s any situation that can’t be momentarily lifted by escaping into a song and I’m slightly envious of anyone who has that gift to give.

Then there’s my friends, who have watched me at my most hysterical and still pulled me back down to Earth. I couldn’t love them all more. We all work hard but there’s never a question over spending time together. Sometimes, amongst the laughter, I try to figure out how I managed to end up with the best.

The last few weeks I’ve had something a bit different to be thankful for. I’ve been taking myself off into town and wandering about the shops, even sitting in cafes and having meals on my own. It was a strange experience at first, but I love that I can do it. Despite always believing I’m an introvert, I’m starting to lean towards being more extrovert. I absolutely love being in the fresh air. So I’m thankful for becoming more comfortable in my own skin and hoping it can open more opportunities I wouldn’t have thought possible.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely start to the end of the year. Are you embracing the Christmas spirit yet?

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