A fresh start.

We were sat all together on a round table, anticipating the release of the party poppers in our mits, and glasses at the ready. When the countdown begun I savoured every second of saying goodbye 2018. Two words that still put a smile on my face now. And as the calendar rolled over on to a new year I could feel my spirit lift from within. That strange, strange year: that pocket of time that seems to have shaken life as we know it: has gone. We said cheers, we hugged, we said thanks for getting us through it!

For the next five hours, at the forefront of my mind was the notion that I can choose exactly who I want to be. I saw time and possibilities stretching out. An excitement built up as I realised I felt the most normal that I have for a long time.

I don’t usually make resolutions at New year and it still doesn’t feel like I really have any set. But, I do know how I want to feel at the end of this year. My aim will simply to be feeling that I blogged all I could, laughed all I could, and travelled all I could. To spend my time ever so wisely. Even selfishly, although I have every intention of continuing this blog with the idea of helping others. More posts for the reader, instead of more complaints!

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. Has anyone made any new year resolutions?

Actually, if I must state one clear goal, it is to take more photos. For this post I only really have this picture, which I quickly snapped before running out to the NYE shindig. And yes I did fall over just after taking it…


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