Don’t be the Girl.

Today I’m really excited to present to you some of my more creative writing – it’s been a while! This is a poem I wrote at the end of last year. It was overwhelmingly a reminder to myself that I can be any person I choose, but I’m also quite happy that it could possibly lift and motivate some of you especially at this time of year. 

I debated for a while about whether to post just the words or just the video I made for it, and I’ve settled with both so you have the option! Really hope you enjoy it either way.


Don’t be the girl.

When the late night river runs from your iris,
Don’t be the girl who won’t make plans in case he calls.
Friday night offers a different world,
Laughter glowing with ghosts there for you.
But also don’t be afraid when you’re alone,
Because you don’t be the girl who thinks she is nothing if not in a relationship.
Although there is neither need to be apprehensive,
Should your heart desire to roam.
Be prepared if it must go to a hundred or one,
But ensure to give it a worth of its own.
Don’t be the girl who believes that worth is in her face,
When what you have to give is more than a body.
And yet, make sure to always dress in a way
that makes your beauty feel becoming.
And don’t be the girl who validates that gender by the opposite,
Neither by being with them nor against them.
And the same to each other,
In fact, may we be reminded;
When in need of a weapon love and kindness are
often the most dynamic.
Nor be the girl who sees her gender as an obstacle,
Hold belief this life is limitless.
Even though you can’t meet every expectation,
They’ll be no hesitation to call you wrong.
But what is in your heart is only truth
And those who know truth need not argue.
So you’ll be the girl you can turn to,
As a home in the vastness.


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