All I can think about at the moment is fictional worlds, which is also making it difficult to focus on blog posts. So compromise, let’s have a writing update!

At the end of last year I finished one story and have begun an editing process with it. If I thought getting the initial plot down was difficult, I realise now I don’t really have any clue what I’m doing! It makes me laugh sometimes, when I read through my work, because at the moment it just exists and I have no idea how to interact with it. There’s something missing, I think, that gives it polish. Maybe I will read Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ next to see if I can get some advice…

Even though I’m so close to finishing, I have to admit I’ve been very excited about starting again on some new stories. It’s strange seeing the word count back at 0. Also a little difficult getting into new characters! I was going to wait until I’d finalised the first but a friend advised against it. So over the weekend I made the start.

But going back to blogging, hopefully you won’t mind me putting the question to you – What would you like to see if I were to make some posts about writing? Any questions about writing poetry or blogging or creating characters etc. send them my way. It’s in my mind to either write a post about how I balance writing with the rest of life, or revealing my awful method of writing my first novella length story.

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