Storing books without a bookshelf.

Sometimes I’ll dream about the house I want to own. Without fail, there is always a huge bookcase full of my favourite titles. It’s the absolute dream. But for now, I don’t own any bookshelves, so when my bedroom was redecorated last year I had to find ways to store my books.

If you look around my room it would come as no surprise that I love baskets. I love the way they look while they practically store everything. When it comes to reading I mostly just have my Blogosphere magazines in a basket now, but I also used to store novels in them too. I quite like these smaller rectangle ones because they keep the books neat but unfortunately I couldn’t get enough in! I think any bigger and the books would be placed in too clumsily. However if you have a few special titles you want to keep together and displayed nicely on a side board (or just sat on the floor like mine!) then it’s a really practical and cute solution.

An easy way I found to store lots of books neatly was in a draw, although it does make me slightly sad that the covers / spines aren’t out to be enjoyed aesthetically. I wouldn’t suggest it for books you want to be easy to reach for. There are just some ~ ok, a lot ~ of things I can’t bear to part with. Who needs clothes over books anyway? I’m also very good at keeping notebooks which is why there’s a pile of them here too.

Recently I moved my novels to my window sill. The closest way of mimicking an actual bookshelf look. My main concern is that the pages may become very sun-damaged when the days become longer and sunnier, but for now I think they’re good. I see a lot of Instagram pictures with the pages displayed rather than the spines, which I hope will help keep damage to a minimum and also looks really interesting. They’re pretty much just organised to have a nice appearance at the moment instead of by author!

I’m happy with my books to rest like this while I continue to dream about one day owning bookshelves. Hopefully this post has served as some inspiration for any of you who have the same struggle with spines and space. Of course, the easiest solution would be to keep everything on a Kindle. One device in one minimal space, as many books as you wish. It’s just not the same as having the pages to hold.

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