Lyrics to Live By #2

A long time ago I made a blog post listing some of the music I was frequently listening to and my favourite lyrics from each song. It’s not often I’m found without headphones in, so once again I’ve made a small collection of the songs I’ve currently got repeating. Music is something so wonderfully personal as well as universal. It was quite difficult on this occasion to pick my favourite line from each song. I found I enjoyed the whole story rather than each individual sentiment…

Blossoms, Giving up the Ghost

‘I don’t know why

You’re the only feeling I ignore’

Blossoms, I Can’t Stand It

‘I know I should be sleeping

Not thinking this through’

Everything must go, Taking Back Sunday

‘You quote the good book when it’s convenient, but you don’t have the sense to tie your tangled tongue’

The Cranberries, Linger

‘You know I’m such a fool for you’

George Ezra, Angry Hill

‘He reads yesterday’s news

Because today’s just scares him.’

The Stone Roses, Waterfall

‘She’ll carry on through it all.’

Dodie, If I’m being Honest

‘Well if I’m being honest,

I bet it’s not that at all.’

Meatloaf, For Crying Out Loud

‘I’m going to need somebody that makes me feel like you do,

And I’ll receive somebody with open arms.’

The Smiths, The Boy with a Thorn in his side

‘How can they hear me say those words and still they don’t believe me?’

John Legend, All of Me

‘My heads under water but I’m breathing fine.’

If you’d like to share any of your current favourite songs / lyrics I would love to hear them in the comments!

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