The January 2019 Chapter

There’s hardly any pictures and no words are coming to mind. January, everyone says you are passing too slowly, but I feel like you only dropped by. When the year started I was determined to make this year better than last. I’m pleased to say that’s going very well, although I don’t have much to show right now. But that’s something I’ve been realising through the month. Things are going to take time. Thankfully I’m motivated and still stretching my fingertips towards the something that makes me feel like I’m becoming the person I want to be.

Exactly who I want to be is still a little bit of a wavy concept to be honest. Sometimes I wish I could be everything! With my energy levels at the moment that might actually be possible too… My life’s been on my mind enough to keep me awake at night. I know I don’t get the best amount of sleep, but to be honest I’m making it work and I don’t feel like I’m lagging because of it.

Most of my time has been spent writing, or day dreaming about what I could write if I can open some opportunities up throughout the year. I’m acutely aware that my camera is gathering a bit of dust. At the beginning of the year I made a heartfelt resolution to take more photos – I’m still waiting for the mojo to kick in on that one. Admittedly I did start to make a video which would have been uploaded recently, which unfortunately didn’t work out, if I were to offer myself a positive outlook. I tried and things take time, especially if you want to perfect them. I feel being able to say ‘most of my time has been spent writing’ has been a great conquest anyway, so I definitely don’t want to ignore that fact. It’s as though my passion for it has truly blossomed.

Just before writing this post I started my list of ideas for February blog posts, ready to start working on this weekend. If I may say, I think it’s looking rather fabulous, and I’m excited to share them already. There’s a nice balance of cosiness ready for this forecasted snow and something a bit personal I want to write about, but that I feel could benefit someone to hear. Hopefully that’s enough of a reveal to get you a little intrigued!

I’m currently bracing myself for the very cold weather while looking a little longingly at my spring skirts. How has everyone else’s January been? Are your resolutions still standing strong?

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