The February 2019 Chapter

At first I thought February was cruising along nicely, but the last two weeks seem to have been swept from under me. Everything’s getting a bit busier. A bit more rushed. Usual for the first few months of the year, while everyone looks forward to summer.

Although, doesn’t it feel as though summer has already begun? The weather is perfect if untimely. When I should have been getting on with things, I was lazing around outside instead. Not that it’s so bad. It’s been quite motivating in the way of writing, which I certainly needed.

I’m sad that my blogging slowed up a bit – all my ideas were a bit overwhelming and I’ve needed longer to organise myself. Plus, writing my ‘six months single’ posts was a lot more emotionally draining than expected. It was a reminder that looking back is never a good idea. Remembering sure, but never look back unless you plan to go that way.

As usual when I’m trying to keep my mind busy, I decided to have a bit of a clear up with my belongings. ALL my belongings. So they are all over the floor, waiting to be arranged. This has been my view for a long time:

It will get there. But I’m so easily distracted! Which is why I’m happy to have had those warmer days outside, sitting with a couple of books I’m really enjoying reading. It gave me time to refocus. I just wrote a message to my friend that said ‘I’m in a really good place’ – that refers to my independence – and it’s a genuine sentiment. At the moment I can’t plan what direction I’m going to go in this year, but reassuring myself this way has made me realise I will conquer whatever I put my mind to. It’s important to have yourself to lean on.

Next month I hope to have picked up a bit of pace with blogging. That I will have some more interesting things to say in my little diary, haha! I think you’re safe to expect some creative pieces, which warms my heart to think.

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