A trip to the bookstore.

Quite a lot of my time can be spent looking through the shelves of bookshops, and although I’m not always looking to buy, it’s not uncommon for me to be intrigued by a range of titles. I recently decided to splurge on a few of the books that have been stuck in my mind. So now my TBR list is nicely topped up I wanted to share the latest additions with you, while also talking about what drew me to them in the first place.

A lot of the time, my initial attraction to a book is down to the cover catching my eye. This was the case with these three – ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL – books. I’m not sure what to expect from ‘Paperbacks from Hell’: the title grabbed my attention first and then as I flicked through I found the pictures really interesting. It ended up in my bag as I’m hoping it will a good source of information.

‘Useless Magic’ is a book I find overwhelmingly beautiful. I would love to be able to create a book similar in style to this one, where the book as a whole is a good balance of artistic and has fabulous content. It gives me a really comforting vibe.

‘Pachinko’ is also incredible; the colours make me really happy and all blend together really nicely! Reading about different cultures has become increasingly more important to me, and I think the story sounds enriching in this sense. I definitely have it in mind to review this one when I finally get round to reading it!

If I had to guess, my first thought when seeing ‘The Girl King’ was “oooooo werewolf!”. But what made me choose to put this book in my bag was the promise it would be a good story. Thinking about it now, a lot of the books I read happen to have female leads, which was consciously one of the reasons I was so fascinated by this story. I’m getting the sense of female rivalry as a main theme and I’m excited to see how Mimi Yu has handled the telling of that!

When I am stuck with choosing what to read next, I look for authors I know I love or want to explore more of. I started with Murakami at the end of last year and I loved his character driven style, so I’m intrigued to see whether more of his novels are the same. Admittedly, I’ve been reading rather slowly which made part of the decision to get ‘Colourless Tsuki and ‘Men without women’ because they are amongst his shorter stories, but they still sound like they are going to be really interesting and mysterious.

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