The March 2019 Chapter

At five thirty in the evening the sun is still shining. The shift in time has come literally and in spirit. Everyone seems to live for more than the everyday when the days become longer. Work, rather than being your whole day, becomes just a part to get out of the way. The sun brings a new energy to my heart and it’s been focused on these changes. Where are we going and what am I wearing? Some days the only questions that matter.

I’m sure from now we’ll be on the run right until winter. Already life is getting busier and I’m thriving on it, honestly. In my last post I expressed a desire to be out and about and see more of the world. It is a resolution that March has swallowed whole.

Having already made a post on it, I won’t exaggerate any details, but it started in London. Realistically I was there for work, but travelling to me is all about movement. A true traveller has no destination in mind; for me any time I’m not home is an adventure. Wandering about a different environment was really refreshing.

In the same week I visited Cambridge with my friend and her brother. Our day was spent exploring, hopping into a shop every so often. Rivers of people ran through the stone paved streets and it felt quite soothing drifting along with them. There was an excitement amongst the crowds chatter, or perhaps it was just the way we needed to shout through the strong winds to hear each other. A Saturday market clung fiercely to the centre at risk of being blown away. When we sat down to eat before the journey home I told myself to make days like this one a priority.

My camera, at long last, has been glued to my hand. Every opportunity I can take to shoot is a blessing. Along with the motivation I have found I am enjoying the photos I take and still want to get better. There’s a lot I anticipate when I lift the lens. Some of it, I think is owed to the book I am reading: ‘The Age of Light’ by Whitney Scharer. I’ll be sad to leave the world of Lee Miller and Man Ray together in the studio. Yes, I am totally wrapped up the romanticism of it all.

Once again at the call of opportunity, I spent a few hours in East Runton / Cromer yesterday. It felt good to be amongst different scenery and with family I, of course, cherish dearly. One of my favourite sounds is of the shingle beach crunching beneath my boots while I try my best to walk moderately well, and the sea fizzing as it dissolves into the sand.

I can imagine my camera and I eloping like this more often.

I hope you all had a wonderful March too! Let me know about it in the comments or over on Instagram. I’d love to know as I am about to start sorting through April’s blog posts which I am not prepared for at all… and I always find the community so inspiring ^_^

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