The Flutters of a Butterfly’s Wing

Breathless without moving, my thoughts outrun me time and time again. I often run away into my mind, and lead a completely different life. A lot of my memories actually revolve around the stories I created at the time rather than a realistic recollection. I know that for a long time I was deeply insecure. Although I tend to be a lot more confident now, escaping into dreams is still a habit I have. The person I want to be and the person I am are not always aligned, and the gap between us will generally be the act of me learning a cosmic lesson. But there’s not one second I regret anything I’ve learnt from all the stupid things I’ve done, even though I am always glad to have those lessons behind me! On Friday night, I ran into a group of friends I made a long time ago; when that now-tightening gap was more of a black hole. These people, I always think, got to see the worst version of me. Yet there we were crowded together, enjoying our time. The night brought new perspective and I’m grateful for all the people who surrounded me regardless of my entirety. How kind of the future to forgive the past. While the good times make up everything, the bad ones become just the flutters of a butterfly’s wing.

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