Body Confidence

Should you have come to this post with a lack thereof, here’s what I would like you to do. Go to your mirror for ten minutes and study yourself. This is the honest way I build my body confidence. To amplify I often listen to music too. Ask me as I’m writing this and I will suggest ‘Killer Queen’. But on another day I could suggest ‘Good as Hell’ or even ‘God is a Woman’. Whatever lifts your mood. Find some things you like about yourself and flaunt them with the comfort of knowing it’s for your eyes only.

If it’s a particularly harsh day in the critique’s head, pull a face at yourself and walk away. Do it so that you can laugh. Our bodies are only vases to fill with life. Because as the philosophy goes, quite truthfully, it’s not the cup that gives the coffee quality. Quality is up to the coffee alone. Sure, we can be all be a little slimmer without our organs. But then we wouldn’t have a brain to be wise with, a heart to love with, or the stomach to accept that people will scrutinise you anyway.

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