Morning Routine

Growing up with the rise of YouTube tutorials I’ve seen a fair few ‘routine’ videos. I love watching that kind of content, but personally, I was never very good at having a routine myself. I find routines too restricting and they make me want to hide under the covers a little longer. However I will absolutely advocate for the benefits of an early morning. It was something I saw on another blog a while ago; the idea that waking up early and doing something that makes you happy helps make you feel more in control of your day. It’s certainly better than rolling out of bed and running to the office on only half a cup of coffee. Or worse, NO coffee.

When I started to think of waking up this way it became much easier. I can now be quite energetic in the morning! Could be the coffee of course, but I thought it would make a nice post anyway.

If I haven’t already said it enough I’m sure most of you realise my first thought in the morning is ‘coffee’. And it remains at the forefront of my mind for most of the day too. Although the promise of the kettle calls, I do manage to hold off most mornings while I use the bathroom. I’m sure I don’t need to add much detail about what I’m up to in there… but one of the best feelings ever is warm water wiping away sleep.

Then I’ll carry out this act of doing something for myself while I fully awaken. On the everyday it’s a simple equation of coffee and music. There’s not a lot I do without either actually, but particularly in the morning I find them very enjoyable. On days where I have more time I might read or watch an episode of something while I eat. If I’m going somewhere exciting or to meet with other people I’ll spend the time being extra preen-y.

Whether you have ten minutes or an hour spare taking the time to slow everything down can be amazing for your mentality. Under the constant pressure to be more productive we often forget to sit back and enjoy what we’re creating. While I’m taking this time back I will try to think upon good memories or about things that make me happy to be alive, rather than focusing on any problems I’m having. I understand it’s so difficult. Issues can’t just be swept under the rug. But I also don’t believe they have to burden us either. If you can find a bit of peace inside yourself I truly believe situations become much clearer.

After this I will continue getting ready to actually leave the house. Naturally I take my time with everything and that helps me become more gradually focused. By the time I’m out of the door I have a strong idea of how to make the most out of my day. Ultimately I think that is the aim of any morning routine I could possibly own.

Hope you enjoyed reading this although it’s slightly different to normal content. I do have a few posts I’m excited to share, but also if there’s anything you particularly want to see leave the request in the comments ^_^

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