Saying Hello

One month has passed so easily. Whenever I disappear from blogging I know I’ll be sad, but the longer it is also equates to the difficulty of coming back. One moment you’re struggling to write and the next there’s nothing on the page at all. Scary, really. That I still have ideas but seem to lose all ability to do anything with them. I thought back to a time when I could blog continuously and wondered what was different then. That’s when I thought about the fact I never just ‘wing it’ anymore. For the sake of uploading – what I hoped would be – higher quality posts I seem to have put too much pressure on the whole thing. There was a time where if I didn’t have a post prepared I would simply come on here just to say hello. I never say hello to my readers anymore. Perhaps that was why this was the only way I could think to perfectly break my hiatus. Actually, offline, I have been writing a LOT this past month so it’s about time I had a change of (writing) scenery. Life’s been a bit odd, but I’ve written a separate post telling you all about that. Anyway here goes… Hello Blogosphere! How are you doing?

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