Reblog: Body image on holiday

Hey everyone! I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front this week, but believe something is coming your way shortly. Coincidentally I was thinking of writing about the idea of a ‘beach body’, but my lovely friend has beaten me to it. And done a bloomin’ fabulous job of it!

It's Me.....Emily 🙂


Those wonderful things that we go on to escape day to day life. To relax, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves.

But there’s the phrase that seems to be uttered over and over. Get beach body ready.

As I sit here in my piece of paradise, sunny Majorca, next to the pool with my feet up, a cold glass of cava and my book, I look around me. Everyone is different shapes and sizes. As a society, we seem to have been taught to think that the Love Island contestants are normal. When in fact, it’s totally the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, well done to them for the hard work they put in to achieving a great body. But equally, when I was 21 I was very slim. I had curves in all the right places and could wear any bodycon dress and look great. When I hit my mid…

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