The May and June 2019 Chapters

When May began the rain and cold still graced England. I was loathed to complain because firstly, talking about the weather fast becomes a stale topic. And secondly because I prefer the cold most days anyway. It lends itself to wrapping up warm, which is my favourite fashion.

Although, the reason for it being on my mind at the start of May was the fact I had a holiday impending. While I’m in it for seeing the world, the thought that doing it in the sun may be more pleasant kept crossing my mind. Keeping abreast of the changing climate, I turned to my friend and said, “I think the weather may be like it is at home, you know.”

To which she responded, “I refuse to believe that. It’s going to be sunny.” quite abruptly, and continued to say it even as we felt the first drops of Czech rain welcome us into Prague. (There was a couple of days delay before she finally admitted that it was raining. That was on the day it really rained and we hid indoors for most of it. Despite the wet though, it was still warm for the most part.)

In my excitement of stepping out of England I tried my first ‘Coffee in…’ post, an idea I’d been pondering, which summed up the general feeling of being in Prague and simply where to get a good coffee. There’s definitely some improvement to be made but I think the post went OK overall. Although I love writing these chapters, these ‘Coffee’ posts could allow me to document any travelling slightly more thoroughly. We’ll see how they go once I’ve finished the first set. If you missed it by the way – here it is:

Coffee in Prague

The plan for June, following quite a busy May, was to live under a rock. But life doesn’t tend to go to plan does it? Like moths to a flame, like people to the sun. Like Hannah Maggie to a party. And if I had to sum up June in one word that’s exactly it – party.

In my hometown there’s a single ‘nightclub’ that nobody really wants to attend, but everyone ends up at anyway. It’s a bit of a communal joke actually. When I say ‘nightclub’, I really mean it’s one of the regular pubs with the chairs pushed aside to make a dancefloor. Although you still get the sticky floor and pungent smoking area guaranteed. It’s open a couple of hours later than anywhere else which automatically gives them the right to charge you entry. This itself causes me to shed a tear when I hand my £5 note over. I’m sure my friends and I have paid for a good chunk of the rent this month.

Anyway, I wouldn’t change it for any other world. The nights we have spent wide awake have been so much fun. In the last year I have met so many different people and heard so many different stories. It’s been more inspiring to my writing than I could have imagined, when I would sit at home looking at the same walls every weekend. I have been told recently that people like to hear my stories. That’s how I view every opportunity now: ‘I’m going to find a story.

Thinking about it now, perhaps a blog post on ‘how to find stories to tell’ would be fun. Is that something you would be interested in?

As a final note, I spent the last weekend of June in Liverpool with my friends. Yet another party! Really a fabulous one at that. So much so that, and also being wary of how long this post is already, I think I will save writing anything for the next instalments of ‘coffee in…’

What I will say now is that Liverpool is WILD!

Halfway through the year. Wow. I hope you’re all doing fabulously so far and I look forward to talking to you all again very soon. As always, I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to in the comments (link your diary posts too!) ^_^

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